IMT has announced their acquisition of the Calgary-based manufacturing firm Standen's. With a legacy and reputation equal to IMT's, Standen's is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of leaf springs, tillage tools, axles and light suspension systems for the transportation, agricultural and defence industries.


100-Crest FINALBy bringing Standen's under its corporate umbrella, IMT will see its product line expand to offer customers complete solutions for their axle and suspension needs. "The synergies between IMT and Standen's are staggering," states a press release from IMT. While IMT manufactures air suspensions and heavy duty axles, Standen's offers customers spring suspension and light duty axle options.


In addition to offering customers a complimentary product line, Standen's will also add its 3 manufacturing facilities and 5 distribution centres to the IMT portfolio. As part of the acquisition deal, Standen's existing manufacturing services will fall under the Transportation Group of IMT's corporate umbrella. With Dean Davenport acting as the president of the Transportation Group, the company is poised to continue building its legacy as a recognized supplier of quality products.


The announcement, made public this January, ushers in a major year in the company's history. Established in 1914, IMT will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.