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Lifesaving Swim For Life Program


Placement in Lifesaving Swim For Life Program depends on many variables including age, skill proficiency, previous experience and readiness.  Please use the following as a guide when registering your child.  If you have any questions, or wish a skill screening for your child, please contact Kim McCrystal (Aquatic Manager) at 519-425-1181. 





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Red Cross Swim

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 Is 4-12 months old and ready to learn to

enjoy the water with parent . . 

Parent & Tot 1  Starfish Splashers

 Is 12-24 months old and ready to learn to

enjoy the water with parent . . 

Parent & Tot 2  Duck Bubblers

 Is 2-3 years old and ready to learn to

enjoy the water with a parent . .

 Parent & Tot 3 Sea Turtle Bobbers

Is 3-5 years and just starting out on his/her own

Preschool 1 Sea Otter Bobbers

Is 3-5 years can get in and out, jump into chest deep 

water assisted, float and glide on front and back

blow bubbles and get face wet

Preschool 2 Salamader Floaters

Is 3-5 years can jump into chest deep water, submerge

and exhale underwater; float on front and back 

assisted for 3 sec.

Preschool 3` Sunfish



Is 4-5 years can jump into deep water wearing a lifejacket

recover objects from the bottom, hold breath underwater; 

float, glide and kick on front and back

Preschool 4 Crocodile Surfers

Is 4-5 years can do solo jumps into deep water; swim

front crawl 5 m wearing a lifejacket and flutter kick on

front, back and side . . 

Preschool 5 Whale Dippers
5+ years and just starting out Swimmer 1  Swim Kids 1 Otter

Can jump into chest deep water by themselves

and into deep water wearing a lifejacket; open

eyes, hold breath and exhale underwater; float,

kick and glide on front and back 

Swimmer 2 Swim Kids 2 Seal

Can jump into deep water and do a sideways entry

wearing a lifejacket; support self at the surface for 

15 whip kick in vertical position and swim

10 meters on front and back

Swimmer 3 Swim Kids 3



Can tread water for 30 sec.; do kneeling dives and

front somersaults, 10 m whip kick on back; and 

swim 15 m front crawl and back crawl

Swimmer 4

Swim Kids 4

Swim Kids 5

Star 1

Can complete the Canadian Swim to Survive Standard

Roll - Tread (1 min) - Swim (50 m); dive; swim

underwater; 15 m whip kick on front; breaststroke arms

with breathing; and swim front and back crawl 25m

Swimmer 5 Swim Kids 6 Star 2

Can do shallow dives and cannonballs; eggbeater and

scissorkick; swim 50 m front and back crawl; breaststroke

for 25 m; sprint 25 m; interval training 4 x 50 m

Swimmer 6 Swim Kids 7 Star 3

Can do stride entries and compact jumps; legs only 

surface support for 45 sec; sprint 25 m breastroke

swim 100 m front crawl and back crawl and 300 m workout

Rookie Patrol Swim Kids 8 Star 4
Preferred sucessful completion Rookie Patrol Ranger Patrol Swim Kids 9 Star 5
Preferred sucessful completion Ranger Patrol Star Patrol Swim Kids 10 Star 6
Preferred sucessful completion Star Patrol Bronze Star






Questions? Call VPCC 519-425-1181


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