Water is the best location for all fitness levels and ages.  No swimming skills are needed.  All exercises can be modified for your fitness level.


Shallow Water Aquafit: A high energy aquatic program that focuses on cardiovascular conditioning and muscular toning.


Deep Water Aquafit: A no impact aquatic workout in the deep end.  Focuses on endurance, cardio, and tones. Float belts supplied.


Shallow Joint Together: A low intensity aquatic program of motion, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and balance.


Deep Water Walking: For those wanting to and are able to go into deep water. This class is easy on the joints while 

strengthening and building muscle.  Excellent aerobic and calorie burning workout.


Deep Water Running: For those wanting a high intensity - high cardio training workout. Held in deep water.



Member Rate:



Non Member Rate:

Adults $8.00 per class
Senior $7.00 per class


Fall Session September 4 - December 23, 2018 

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Christmas Session December 24 - January 6, 2019

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