Personal Training           Ages 14+                                                                    Call VPCC 519-425-1181

Your program begins with an initial assessment. Trainers then develop a customized program that targets your fitness goals and schedule.


Personal training will benefit anyone looking to.


Personal Group Training           Ages 14+

Reap the many benefits of Individualized personal training within an affordable group setting. One of our certified personal trainers will create a group workout (3 minimum to 6 maximum)

Dates and Time:  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings

Fees:  Members @13.65 person                  Non-Members @ $20.50/person

1 Visit / 3 people         $40.95                          1 Visit / 3 people         $61.50

1 Visit / 4 people         $54.60                          1 Visit / 4 people         $82.00

1 Visit / 5 people         $68.25                          1 Visit / 5 people         $102.50

1 Visit / 6 people         $81.90                           1 Visit / 6 people         $123.00


Save on Personal Training in a Group Setting!! 


Get “Cancer SMART” and Exercise

If you have been diagnosed, going through treatment, in survivorship, get “Cancer SMART” and exercise! 

One-on-one training with a “Cancer Smart” professional and reap the benefits of exercise in oncology such as:

* Increases muscle mass, lung function and feeling of control       

* Regulates hormones

* Improves insulin resistance and immune function              

* Social interaction and Survival

For more information on Cancer SMART or to book a consultation appointment, please contact Chrislyn Dykxhoorn at 519-425-1181 or  Cancer SMART is a part of our personal training packages.  See the next page for our rates and fees.


Pre-Teen Training      Ages 12 and 13 years

A pre-teen orientation is required for this age group. For your convenience an appointment can be made through the front desk.

During this orientation they will learn the gym rules, proper gym etiquette and gym attire will also be reviewed. A great program to educate your child about safety, dry land training, enhance any self-esteem issues and start them on a healthier lifestyle.