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pdf Noise By-Law 94-3633 Popular

By 4510 downloads

pdf Notice By-Law 16-4887 Popular

By 1977 downloads

Download (pdf, 127 KB)

Notice By-Law 16-4887.pdf

default OMB DECISIONS Popular

By 2084 downloads

Status and decisions of Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing matters

For more information, please call the Clerk's office at 
Tel: 519-485-0120

pdf Open Air Burning Regulations 13-4726 Popular

By 7908 downloads

pdf Procedure By-law 15-4803 Popular

By 2174 downloads

Download (pdf, 365 KB)

15-4803 Procedure Bylaw.pdf

pdf Procurement Policy and By-Law 15 7804 Popular

By 2382 downloads

Download (pdf, 216 KB)

Procurement 15 4804 By-law and Policy May 2015.pdf

pdf Prohibit Objects and Vehicles on or near a Public Highway 08-4431 Popular

By 2284 downloads

pdf Property Standards 01-3986 Popular

By 3981 downloads

pdf Property Standards, as Amended by 15-4840 The Lot Maintenance By-law Popular

By 2353 downloads

Download (pdf, 247 KB)

15-4840 Lot Maintence BL.pdf

pdf Records Retention 16-4862 Popular

By 2473 downloads

Download (pdf, 2.41 MB)

16-4862 repeal by-law no. 11-4644 schedule of retention period for records.pdf

pdf Sale of and Disposition of Real Property 08-4429 Popular

By 2387 downloads

Download (pdf, 124 KB)

4429 08 Establish the Sale of Real Property By-Law.pdf

pdf Sign By-Law (Consolidated) 82-3079 Popular

By 2181 downloads

Download (pdf, 181 KB)

3079 82 Sign Bylaw CONSOLIDATED..pdf

pdf Sign: No Permit 09-4432 Popular

By 2606 downloads

pdf Smoking By-Law 10-4550 Popular

By 2478 downloads

pdf Smoking By-Law 10-4557 (Amendment) Popular

By 2075 downloads

pdf Smoking By-Law 15-4848 (Amendment) Popular

By 1868 downloads

Download (pdf, 118 KB)

15-4848 Amend Smoking By-law 10-4550.pdf

No Smoking on Town Property

pdf Swimming Pool Fence 07-4375 Popular

By 2739 downloads

pdf Tax By-Law 2016 16-4865 Popular

By 1944 downloads

Download (pdf, 755 KB)

16-4865 adoption of 2016 expenditures & establish tax rates.pdf

pdf Tax Collection Policy Popular

By 284 downloads

Download (pdf, 581 KB)

Tax Collection Policy Oct 2017 Revision.pdf

pdf Tax Rebate Program: Vacant Commercial & Industrial Buildings 02-4021 Popular

By 2133 downloads

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