Enhancing Ingersoll’s quality of life


When conversation turns to municipal politics, particularly when tax season rolls around, most aren’t likely to equate the town council’s primary role of governing with our quality of life – but here in Ingersoll those three simple words are always in play as fiscal policies take centre stage.

Over the past six years this council has worked tirelessly to maintain a balance between fiscal responsibilities while assuring our citizens’ needs are properly met. As a result, Ingersoll’s infrastructure and roads have shown phenomenal improvements, while our reserves have gone from practically nothing to a point now where they will be stabilized in short order.


The town’s asset management, in terms of building and equipment, are progressing in a positive manner, at a more impressive rate than some neighbouring communities. OPP costs are under control and, while other Oxford County towns may struggle through the chilly winter months without adequate snow-clearing for roads and sidewalks, Ingersoll benefits from a seasonal service that is second-to-none.

While our tax rate has admittedly been the highest in Oxford County over this stretch of time, this council can point with pride to these high service standards, and many other improvements being made without resorting to borrowing money. Now with this year’s levy increase pegged at 2.47%, it marks the third consecutive year that the increase is the lowest in the county.


Meanwhile other Oxford municipalities are discovering the necessity of doing precisely what we had to do in order to stabilize their financial positions. The Ingersoll rate is trending downwards as our citizens enjoy the advantages resulting from council’s responsible fiscal management.

So what are those advantages and how do they ensure Ingersoll residents enjoy such a superb quality of life? The list would require more space allotted for this column. Let’s consider a few:

Analyzing the current tax increase, its’ fair to say the Ingersoll Town Council has once again responded to the residents’ needs in a responsible yet caring fashion, ensuring we enjoy one of the lowest tax levy increases in any Oxford community for another year.


Thanks to so many banding together in a cooperative manner with the citizens’ best interests first and foremost, there is no question our future is bright. Whether its recreation, parks, trails and other committees working alongside numerous volunteer groups throughout the town, the goal has and always will be to provide and enhance the quality of life in Ingersoll.


Your support is most deeply appreciated as we embrace the bright, prosperous future to be enjoyed by all in the wonderful caring community of Ingersoll.


Mayor Ted Comiskey