When do I need a building permit?

A building permit is required for the change of use, construction or demolition of any building or addition, alterations, signs, the installation of fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, sundecks, etc., as well as for new or modification of existing HVAC ducts and plumbing installations or alterations.


Building permits are not normally required for:

Note: If in doubt, please contact our office at 519-485-0120

What type of permit plans are required?

Permit plans must be drawn to scale and contain sufficient information to enable the Chief Building Official and his staff to determine whether the proposed work conforms to all applicable by-laws and regulations. Site plans must be referenced to a current plan of survey, certified by a registered Ontario Land Surveyor. A copy of such survey must be submitted with the permit application for a major project. Site plans showing outlines and dimensions of the property, driveways and existing and proposed buildings, may be accepted. Where required by the Ontario Building Code, plans must be prepared, sealed and signed by an Architect, Professional Engineer, or BCIN qualified Designer. Permit applications will not be accepted when the submitted plans are inadequate or incomplete unless a waiver is signed.

For more information in relation to specific projects, contact the Town's Building Department.


When can I apply for a building permit?

A building permit application will not be accepted where it is determined that the proposal requires:

How long does it take to obtain a building permit?

The time required for the processing of a building permit application varies in accordance with:

The Ontario Building Code has been amended to introduce time limits on decisions regarding complete applications, which will reduce delays in permit issuance.


How do I apply for a building permit?

The applicant must file an application, in writing, on prescribed forms. Every application must be signed by the applicant. The applicant must be the owner of a building or property or a person authorized, in writing by the owner, to apply for a permit on the owner's behalf. Every application must be accompanied by prescribed plans and specifications and the permit fee payable to the Corporation of the Town of Ingersoll.

Effective on July 1, 2005, applicants must complete and submit common application forms prescibed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Who will review permit plans?

Permit plans will be reviewed by Building Department staff for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, applicable law and other related standards and by-laws.  Engineering Services will review the proposal with respect to grading, drainage, refuse collection facilities, vehicle access and road design. The Ingersoll Fire Services will examine the plans for compliance with fire safety provisions contained in the Ontario Building Code, the Ontario Fire Code (where applicable) and related standards.  Our Zoning staff will review the plans for complinace with Ingersoll's Zoning By-law and Sign By-law.

Who will obtain the approvals from other agencies?

It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure required approvals from other agencies (where applicable) prior to the issuance of a building permit. The Building Department staff will advise the applicant of the required approvals from other government agencies upon permit application (i.e. County of Oxford, Upper Thames Conservation Authority, MTO).

What are the fees required when applying for a building permit?

In addition to the permit fees, other required fees such as municipal and education levies, road restoration deposits, cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication, sewer connection costs and other applicable fees, must be paid prior to the issuance of a permit. The permit fees are calculated in accordance with the Building By-law. The applicant may obtain a copy of the by-law by visiting "Bylaws" under "Quick Links" or from the Building  Department.

When does an application become abandoned?

Where an application remains incomplete or inactive for six months after it is made, the application may be deemed to have been abandoned and notice will be given to the applicant, who may be entitled to a partial refund of the permit fee, as set out in the Building By-law.


How do I process a building permit application?

The following outlines the building permit application process: