The Ingersoll Fire and Emergency Services uses designated fire routes to assist in providing the best delivery of fire protection. Designated fire routes ensures that the Fire Department can prevent to spread of fire, reduce property and environmental damage, and most importantly, reduce injuries or death.


Fire Route Bylaw


Ontario Fire Code

Although the requirements of fire routes are largely governed under the Building Code, the Ontario Fire Code states the following:


Maintaining Access Free of Obstructions

Fire access routes and access panels or windows that provide access for ting operations shall not be obstructed by vehicles, gates, fences, building materials, vegetation, signs or any other form of obstruction.


Fire Department sprinkler and standpipe connections shall be clearly identified and maintained free of obstructions at all times.



Fire access routes shall be maintained so as to be immediately ready for use at all times by fire department vehicles.



Approved signs shall be displayed to indicate fire access routes.