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Some Bids & Tenders are placed on


Notice of Participation - Local Authority Services (LAS) purchasing group
Notice of Participation - Elgin Middlesex Oxford Purchasing Cooperative (EMOP)
Notice of Participation - Province of Ontario Vendor of Record (VOR) purchasing program


Open Tenders

TENDER - Ingersoll Downtown Public Wifi

Updated - (closes 4:00PM, Monday September 24, 2018)

Addendum 01 - Due date and pre-submittal meeting date changes

Acknowledgement of Addendum 01 


Addendum 02 - Due date and pre-submittal meeting date changes

Acknowledgement of Addendum 02



 TENDER - Rental of Sidewalk Snow Plowing Unit


 TENDER - Parking Lot Snow Plow Tender 2018-2019

Addendum #1 - Parking Lot Snow Tender 2018-2019

Tender Results

There are no results to list at this time.

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How to use roundabouts. Tips on howto drive, walk and cycle safely in roundabouts.  View Quick Tips.


About BizPaL (Visit BizPaL)


BizPaL is an innovative online service that provides you with simplified access to information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to establish, operate and grow your business.

Benefits of BizPaL?

Finding out which government requirements apply to a certain business type can be time consuming and frustrating. BizPaL was created to help identify what you may need from participating levels of government, quickly and easily. The service is a result of combined efforts by the federal, provincial, territorial and participating municipal governments and is designed with the following benefits in mind:

  • It's free to use
  • It saves time
  • It’s available 24/7

Getting Started

Starting and growing a business can be a challenging experience. That’s why we have made BizPaL as easy to use as possible using a simple three-step process:

Step 1: Select a location
Step 2: Enter a business type
Step 3: Using the checklist, select the activities you may undertake

Based on your selections, the BizPaL service generates a list of permits and licences from participating levels of government, along with basic supporting information. Links to government sites where you can learn more and, in some cases, apply online are also provided. Though every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the content offered on BizPaL, it remains your responsibility to obtain all required permits and licences before starting or expanding a business.

Visit BizPaL

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