A desirable home is not just about buildings, it’s also about the community and the lifestyles to be enjoyed – the quality of life – for individuals, for couples, for families. The Town of Ingersoll offers “Sensational” lifestyles, built around its housing, education, medical services, municipal services, recreation, shopping, leisure activities and other services.


Ingersoll has employment opportunities with industrial, retail, commercial and services employers. Ingersoll is a great choice for commuters who work in neighbouring cities like London, but want the advantages of a home in a less urban setting. And just as much, Ingersoll is a great choice for those leaving work for the pleasures, relaxation and activities of retirement.


Experience the comfort, convenience and affordability of our friendly, beautiful town, with all the benefits of a full service community. It’s a combination just made for great living and it’s here for you.