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Downtown Ingersoll

Ingersoll's 12 volunteer members of the Business Improvement Area are dedicated to the development and promotion of the community’s unique and vibrant downtown business core.


As an integral member of a network of community partners, a major focus of the BIA is to actively encourage residents and visitors alike to make Downtown Ingersoll the shopping destination of their choice.


The BIA plays an important ongoing role in the revitalization and retention of Ingersoll’s bustling Downtown – the historic heartbeat of the town.


Home to an array of diverse one-of-a-kind establishments, a popular live theatre hall and year-round festivals that draw tourists from around the province and beyond, it is just moments from the prosperous growing manufacturing sector and the Highway 401.


Working alongside businesses and residents throughout the community, the BIA is involved in a wide range of activities including marketing, business recruitment, streetscape improvement, seasonal decoration and the organizing of special events.

Who benefits from having a BIA?

A BIA can benefit more than just local retail businesses. All businesses in the area, whether professional, dining, entertainment, finance, or retail, may benefit from the improved local atmosphere and ambience that a successful BIA helps to create.


It is the responsibility of each business to build upon the activities of the BIA and ensure that the customer receives best value in an efficient and courteous manner. An expanded customer base depends on the successful partnership between the activities of the association and individual businesses.


BIA-initiated improvements and activities may lead to an increase in property values. Improvements help to create and sustain a more vibrant and viable economic environment within the local area. This attracts both commercial and service sector businesses to the area that, in turn, may lead to an increased demand for retail and office space, and a subsequent increase in property values.


BIA improvements and activities help to create a more vibrant local community and a more prosperous local economic environment. A more vibrant community attracts more visitors and retains more local customers for all types of services – including dining, entertainment and professional services. In addition, a more vibrant community creates a more inviting atmosphere that clients and customers will enjoy visiting.


A secure source of funding is a significant benefit to having a BIA. Once the board of the BIA has prepared a budget, discussed it with its membership and has it approved by the municipality, the municipality collects money as a special levy on all industrial and commercial prosperities in the area. Funds are then transferred to the BIA organization to carry out its work.


  • Increasing community interest and pride in the business area
  • Ensuring ongoing cooperation among the members of the business community
  • Improving lines of communications between the business community and municipal council and staff
  • Advocating membership interest and concerns through effective communication with both the municipality and other levels of government
  • Increasing cost savings to the membership through improved integration of capital funding and promotional activities.


Ingersoll believes that our historic downtown is a valuable resource worth preserving. The purpose of the Facade Improvement Program is to improve the retail marketplace and to encourage the preservation and rehabilitation of historically significant structures in the dowtown core of Ingersoll.

  • Program is a combination of interest free loan and grant.
  • Cost of facade improvements are eligible to 50% of approved expenditures to a maximum of $3,000.00 per project.
  • Cost of signage improvements is eligible to 50% of approved expenditures to a maximum of $500.00 per project.
  • The loans are to be repaid in four equal annual payments, unless alternate arrangements are made that are acceptable to the committee.
  • If the first three annual payments are made on time and without default then the fourth payment will be recognized as a grant and forgiven.
  • If any payments are not made as agreed, then at the discretion of the committee all amounts outstanding will become due and payable.



Applicants who wish to apply will fill out an application that will be reviewed by the Downtown Revitalization Committee who will base their decision on established design themes and colour pallets. Once approved by the Committee the applicant will be reimbursed when copies of paid invoices are presented to the Committee.


Downtown Facade Guidelines and Application Form (PDF)

Guidelines for Facade Improvement Program (PDF)

Our Goals

  • To be a professional organization that advocates for and reflects the interests of its members and the community-at-large.
  • To market Downtown Ingersoll as the commercial and residential place to be.
  • To help define Ingersoll’s identity.
  • To represent our membership through effective communications at all levels from local to national.
  • To oversee the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned land, buildings and structures in the area and beyond.
  • To help create and maintain a more vibrant and viable economic environment


Ingersoll - our heritage, your future




130 Oxford Street (2nd Floor)
Ingersoll, ON
N5C 2V5 

Business hours are Monday to

Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm

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