Future Oxford Partnership and the Oxford Workforce Development Partnership would like to request your participation at a planning session being held  Thursday , May 11, 2017, Elm Hurst Inn, Ingersoll.


The purpose of the session will focus on how we move forward as a community to understanding the types of skills and workers you need in order to continue your success in the future.


We understand that your time is important and we thank you. Your participation will develop a collaborative action plan to ensure that you have access to the skilled and educated talent you need.


The morning session will be facilitated by Queen’s University Executive Decision Centre (QEDC) and MDB Insight. Using custom developed software QEDC will facilitate a conversation amongst all participants that will result in a credible action plan. This system has been used by corporations, associations, Deputy Ministers, and Town Councils to analyze issues, solve complex problems, and arrive at high quality solutions by the end of the session…not weeks later.


We look forward to working with on creating a sustainable Oxford.


RSVP https://creatinggrowthsustainability.eventbrite.ca


The participants will include key members from the Future Oxford Economic and Community Pillars, Employment Ontario, Workforce Supporting Organizations, Community Stakeholders, and Employers like yourself who drive Oxford's economy.



MDB – Insight – Brock Dickson



Queens University – Eric Lockhart




Creating Growth Invite