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On May 11, 2017, the Oxford Workforce Development Partnership (OWDP), in support of Future Oxford's Sustainability Plan's Economy Pillar, hosted the Community Action Planning Workshop.


The workshop focused on guided conversations on key areas drawn from a number of important local sources, including but not limited to:

  • the annual Employer One Survey (completed by over 135 Oxford County employers)
  • the Oxford Community Wellbeing Survey

The workshop allowed OWDP and MDB Insight, to develop an Action Plan. This Action Plan represents the feedback that was received, the areas for increased collaboration, challenges, and next steps that align with the existing strategies that are currently in place across Oxford County. 


At the event, it was also announced that the Oxford Workforce Development Partnership (OWDP) will be aligning and working directly with the Economy Pillar of Future Oxford. Over the summer, alongside the Economy Pillar of Future Oxford, OWDP will be:

  • assessing the identified action items from the report
  • reaching out to community stakeholders for their participation in moving action items forward

For the full report, please see here. 

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