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Economic Development is not only about real estate, jobs and income; it is about developing a modern society which allows for the creation of exciting opportunities for residents and businesses alike. To meet this challenge, we must understand the needs of business and also balance the needs of community through planning, zoning and engineering.


The Economic Development Department of the Town of Ingersoll is here to assist business, entrepreneurs and developers with tools to create long term prosperity in Ingersoll. The Town's Economic Development Program, under the leadership of the Mayor and Town Council, involves a blend of individual and group initiatives - each engaging multiple stakeholders and selected as part of a comprehensive strategy to stimulate the economy of the community in a variety of ways.


Ingersoll is Committed to:

  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship including the creative and knowledge based economy
  • Removing barriers to business and industrial growth
  • Ensuring business infrastructure is in place in local communities
  • Fostering sector and business cluster relationships
  • Sponsoring strategic skills development in the existing workforce

Ingersoll - our heritage, your future




130 Oxford Street (2nd Floor)
Ingersoll, ON
N5C 2V5 

Business hours are Monday to

Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm

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