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To the Residents and Owners of Property on
Contract 1 – 2020
Charles Street East – Mill and Pave Resurfacing Contract
Water Street Culvert to Harris Street

Dufferin Construction of London has been awarded the above mentioned contract. The work is scheduled to commence the week of July 20th, and is scheduled for completion by the August 21st.

During the week of July 15th, Dufferin will be on site to setup their traffic control. Once all signage is in place the contractor will proceed with the infrastructure repairs to the sanitary, storm and watervalves. The scheduled completion date for repairs is July 29th.
Curb, sidewalk and basin repairs are scheduled from July 20th to the 24th as well.

During the placement of concrete curbs and sidewalk, we ask that you allow a minimum of five (5) days for curing. Please do not drive your vehicle over the curb or sidewalk during this time. We realize this is an inconvenience, however, in order to prevent premature failure of the concrete this is necessary.

During the week of August 4th, the contractor will proceed with the complete removal of the asphalt surface.
The Contractor is required to provide dust control and to keep the travelled portion of the street in a good state of repair for local traffic. You may experience times when the road is rough, however; the Contractor will ensure that the road is tidied up at the end of each day.
All existing maintenance hole frames will be replace and set to new grades prior to placement of new asphalt.

The placement of asphalt will begin with a basecoat HL8 of 75mm (3”), followed by a tack coat material and 50mm (2”) of topcoat HL3 material.

All effected boulevards, driveways and walkways are to be restored to their original locations.
Once the contractor and town have approved the asphalt finish, line painting and traffic symbols will be placed.

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