Building Permit & Inspection Services provides the best professional service in administering and enforcing Ontario's Building Code Act. We ensure, safe, healthy and accessible buildings, in which we live, work and play in Ingersoll.


Through the examination of plans and inspections, we ensure compliance with building standards of the Ontario Building Code and other applicable laws.

Our team is here to offer zoning, building code information and technical advice and to be of assistance during the entire construction process.


The following information is only a snapshot of the information required, if you need more information we invite you to contact our Services at 130 Oxford Street, 2nd Floor, the counter on your right when you enter the floor.


Building Permit Services

Building Inspection Services


Building Inspections and Review Timelines

Chief Building Official
Shannon Vanderydt
Town Hall 2nd floor
519-485-0120 Ex2234

Administrative Assistant
Lenore Capern
Town Hall 2nd floor
519-485-0120 Ex2223



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