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The safety of the residents of Ingersoll and its firefighters is the first priority for the Ingersoll Fire Department. Whenever there is an emergency requiring the Fire Department, our crews will be there to assist. On occasion, the Fire Department responds to non-emergency or false alarm calls.

The Fire Department is working to educate businesses and citizens on ways to reduce non-emergency calls so crews can be available to respond to events where emergency help is truly needed.

If a fire alarm is activated in your home or building, it is always recommended that someone call 9-1-1. Until the cause of the alarm activation can be clearly determined, the Fire Department should be notified to ensure the safety of everyone in your home or building.

The Fire Department encourages you to examine ways in which you can prevent future false alarms from occurring.


False Alarms

Responding to false alarms can be costly to the Town, especially if they could have been prevented. With the growing number of new homes and businesses in the past 10 years, there has been a large increase in the number of alarm investigations.


Fire Department Response

Once a call is received by our Communications Center the call is paged out for the firefighters to respond. During the day 6am to 6pm (full time staff) and at night 6pm to 6am (volunteer fire fighters) respond immediately to the emergency. The remaining full time and volunteer fighters leave their homes or employment and respond the emergency. The department has 4 full time and 22 volunteer fire fighters.

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