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Dog licences

All dogs in the Town of Ingersoll must be licenced and wear the tag, even if you are simply looking after the dog. Failure to purchase or failure to renew the licence can result in penalties (increased licence fee, a ticket or court action). You may keep a maximum of 2 dogs (8 weeks of age or older) in a dwelling unit or on any premise. Licence costs vary and depend on whether you have had your pet neutered or spayed.


Licences are valid for the calendar year and expire on the 31st day of December in the year for which it was issued. Licences are available by mail or in person from the Municipal Office. At the time of purchase you may be asked to produce a rabies certificate showing a current vaccination within the last year and a neuter or spay certificate if the dog has been altered. A replacement tag for lost or damaged tag(s) is available for purchase. A Dog Licence (tag) is identification and will assist animal control staff in returning your dog should it ever become separated from you.


Dog Fees

Dog licence Application Form and Fee Structure

  • Non Spayed/Non Neutered  $25.00 
  • Spayed/Neutered  $20.00 

Annual Licence Renewal

  • Non Spayed/Non Neutered  $25.00 
  • Spayed/Neutered  $20.00
  • Late Renewal After  Feb 1  $5.00
  • Replacement Tag  $5.00
  • Tag Transfer  $5.00
  • Seeing Eye Dogs  (proof required)  No Charge
  • Hearing Dogs  (proof required)  No Charge



Yes all Dogs in the Town of Ingersoll require a tag in accordance with

BY-LAW NO. 01-3989.

Non neutered/spayed cost $25.00 per year, neutered/spayed animals cost $20.00 per year. See the Dog Fee Licencing Structure on the Dog Licencing page.

No, If your dog has been neutered / spayed since last renewal, a copy of the Veterinary Neutering / Spaying Certificate must also accompany your application to qualify for the lower fee

We are very sorry for your loss. We acknowledge the fact that your pet was an intricate part of the family home. If you are registered as a dog owner and no longer have a dog, PLEASE notify the Town Office of the change.

If you have not previously registered your dog(s) in the Town of Ingersoll, complete and bring this application, appropriate fee, and if neutered or spayed dog, a copy of the Veterinary Neutering / Spaying Certificate to the Municipal Office, 130 Oxford Street, 2nd floor to obtain you dog tag(s).

All dogs in Ingersoll must be kept on a leash when not on the owner’s property. If the dog strays it can be impounded and its owner or keeper ticketed for “Failing to prohibit a dog from running at large.” The dog that is impounded is not being punished, it is being protected.

Provincial Legislation requires that all dogs & cats have current Rabies Vaccination's. There remains no cure for rabies.

Barking dogs are an annoyance and a nuisance. Barking falls under the Noise By-Law which is enforced by the O.P.P.


To protect people and other pets from disease and to keep our Town beautiful, Ingersoll requires that any person who owns, harbors or possesses a dog shall immediately remove and sanitarily dispose of any excrement of the dog.

By-Law 01-3989 excerpt " any person who contravenes any provision of this by-law is, upon conviction, guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollars, exclusive of costs, for each offence, recoverable under the Provincial Offences Act.

All animal bites must be reported to the Oxford County Health Unit.


Cats should not be permitted to trespass. Cats are not required to be licenced at this time.

For Further Information Respecting Animal Control

For further information respecting animal control, you may obtain a copy of the Town's Dog Control by-law and Animal Control by-law from the Clerks Office or from this  website in the Bylaw Section.

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