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Title Change: $ 20.00
If you have recently purchased, or transferred title, there is a fee to cover the costs associated with making the change to the tax roll. This charge will be added to your tax account and you will receive a letter notifying you of the fee.

New Account: $ 25.00
If your property is new to the tax roll, been severed, etc., you will incur a one time fee to cover the costs to set up the tax roll.

Return Payment: $ 25.00
If your tax payment is refused or non sufficient funds by your financial institution, including Pre-authorized payments, post-dated checks, you will be charged a returned payment fee for each account payment was applied to.

Tax Certificate: $ 50.00
There is a fee to purchase a Tax Certificate.

Additions to the Roll: $ 20.00
All charges incurred through property standards, grass cutting, etc., left unpaid after second notice will be transferred to the corresponding property tax account.

Tax Statement/ Account History/Duplicate Bill: $ 10.00
Tax Letter: $ 25.00
If you require a record of payment for income tax purposes, account history, reprint of tax bill, a letter for taxes paid in the event of the property sold during the year, or tax arrears notification letter mailed out there is a fee.

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