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Curb Repairs

CurbCurb defects are identified during routine patrols by Town staff. Repairing curbs involves the removal of the existing curb, the forming and pouring of the new curb, and the restoration of asphalt and sod once the new curb is in place. A curb repair takes approximately three days to complete.


Sidewalk Repairs

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  The Town undertakes sidewalk network surveys to identify sidewalk defects. When hazardous sidewalk defects are identified, we perform a temporary repair to make the area safe. For example, a temporary asphalt ramp is installed to fix trip hazards. Sidewalks are repaired through one of two processes; edge grinding or replacement. The grinding process utilizes a surface grinder to align uneven sidewalk joints. Sidewalks that are beyond repair by edge grinding are scheduled for replacement. The replacement process involves the removal of the existing sidewalk, the forming and pouring of concrete for the new sidewalk, and the restoration of asphalt or sod. If you find a curb or sidewalk defect, report it to the Public Works at 519-485-0120 or

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