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Sweeper The Street Sweeping Program consists of sweeping all Town streets to remove sand and debris that has accumulated over the winter season. These sweeping operations prevent materials from clogging catch basins and storm sewers, as well as providing a safe and clean driving surface.


The Town of Ingersoll Sweeps:

  • All Town-owned roads, including bridges, catch basins and gutters.
  • Hard-surfaced boulevards and medians.
  • Sidewalks and walkways plowed by the Town during the winter.
  • Parking lots at Town of Ingersoll Recreation facilities.
  • Municipal owned lots in the Downtown Core.


Residents are reminded

  • DO – Keep vehicles off residential streets to avoid blocking street sweeping operations.
  • DO – Place garbage containers and recycling boxes away from the road on collection days.
  • DO – Keep basketball and hockey nets off the road and far enough back from the curb.
  • DO – Be understanding. While street sweeping is underway, there may be some noise and dust.
  • DO – Be patient. Cold and rainy weather prevents our sweepers from operating.
  • DO – Use the Yard Waste Depot to dispose of your lawn clippings Do Not rake them into the gutter


Sweeping Schedule

Sweeping operations begin in early spring when the ice and snow has melted from the curb line and the daytime temperatures are above freezing for consecutive days. This initial Spring Cleanup takes approximately 6 weeks to complete if all factors are favorable. Following the completion of the initial Spring Sweeping Program, Summer sweeping occurs until the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Summer sweeping includes:

  • Sweeping major arterial and collector roads twice.
  • Sweeping local residential streets once.
  • Sweeping downtown streets weekly.

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