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By-laws and Policies

If you have any questions about a Town By-law or would like to receive a copy of a By-law in an alternate format, please submit your request to the Clerk’s Office.

The following is a listing of the most frequently requested By-laws for the Town of Ingersoll:

By-Law NameBy-Law NumberAmendmentsDescription
Building17-4926To provide for the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act
Transient Traders99-3874To license, regulate and govern Transient Traders
Traffic and Parking (Consolidated)06-4327To provide for the governing and regulation of traffic and parking
Taxi By-Law (Consolidated)09-4486To govern, regulate and license Taxi Drivers and Owners
Tax Rebate Program for Vacant Commercial and Industrial Buildings02-4021To establish a tax rebate program for the vacant portions of property in the commercial or industrial property classes
Swimming Pool Fence07-4375To provide owners of privately owned outdoor swimming pools to erect and maintain fences and gates around such swimming pools
Smoking By-Law10-455015-4848
To prohibit smoking near municipal entrances and lands
Signage Not Required Permit09-4432To allow miscellaneous signs and other advertising devices not requiring permits
Sign By-Law (Consolidated)82-3079For prohibiting or regulating signs, awnings, and other advertising devices and the posting of notices
Sale of and Disposition of Real Property08-4429To establish the sale of real property
The Lot Maintenance By-law15-4840To prescribe standards for the maintenance of Land in the Town of Ingersoll
Property Standards01-3986To prescribe standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property
Prohibit Objects and Vehicles on or near a Public Highway08-4431To prohibit the placing, stopping, standing or parking of an object or vehicle on or near a highway
Procurement Policy and By-Law15 7804To provide for the public tendering and procurement policy
Procedure By-law18-4979To govern the proceedings of the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Ingersoll
Open Air Burning Regulations13-4726To provide for the regulation of Open Air Burning in the Town of Ingersoll
Notice By-Law16-4887To prescribe the form and manner and times for the provision of notice
Noise By-Law19-5060To provide for the regulation and prohibition of noise emitted in the Town of Ingersoll
Lunch Wagon/ Lunch Cart By-Law95-3668To license, regulate and govern vehicles from which refreshments are sold for public consumption
Loitering By-law90-3464To prohibit the obstruction of sidewalks and public highways in the Town of Ingersoll
Graffiti Prevention13-4721To prohibit the placement of graffiti on property
Fireworks: Prohibit and Regulate00-3924To prohibit and regulate the sale and setting off of fireworks
Fence and Property Boundaries13-4720To provide for regulating and governing of property boundary fences in the Town of Ingersoll
Fees and Charges18-50012019 Fees and charges
Dog By-Law (Keeping and Running at Large)01-398908-4426
To provide for the regulation, restriction and prohibition of the keeping and the running at large of dogs
Development Charges19-5057To establish development charges for the Corporation of the Town of Ingersoll
Delegation of Duties and Powers16-4859To establish a delegation of duties and powers policy
Code of Conduct for Members of Council, Local Boards and Advisory Committees11-4646To establish a code of conduct for members of Council, local boards and advisory committees
Code of Conduct - Chief Building Official05-4246To adopt a code of conduct for the Chief Building Official and building inspectors
Closed Meeting Investigator14-4782To appoint a closed meeting investigator
Building Numbering11-4612To provide protection of persons and property by regulating building numbering
Animal Control By-Law01-3990Being a by-law to respecting animals
Accountability and Transparency Policy16-4860To establish an accountability and transparency policy
Parking of Recreational Vehicles over the Winter Months04-4160

Additional By-Laws

The Clerk’s Office maintains the by-laws and amendments enacted by Council. To obtain an official version of a by-law, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

By-Law Enforcement

The Town of Ingersoll By-Law Enforcement Services conducts enforcement of various municipal by-laws. The objective of the By-Law enforcement Officer is to attempt to obtain compliance, education and mediation although in absence of the foregoing, fines and legal action may result.

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