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Development Programs

Downtown Facade Improvement Program

Ingersoll believes that our historic downtown is a valuable resource worth preserving. The purpose of the Facade Improvement Program is to improve the retail marketplace and encourage the preservation and rehabilitation of historically significant structures in the downtown core of Ingersoll.

  • Program is a combination of interest-free loan and grant
  • Cost of facade improvements are eligible to 50% of approved expenditures to a maximum of $3,000.00 per project
  • Cost of signage improvements is eligible to 50% of approved expenditures to a maximum of $500.00 per project
  • The loans are to be repaid in four equal annual payments, unless alternate arrangements are made that are acceptable to the committee
  • If the first three annual payments are made on time and without default then the fourth payment will be recognized as a grant and forgiven
  • If any payments are not made as agreed, then at the discretion of the committee all amounts outstanding will become due and payable

Program Guidelines

Applicants wishing to apply are asked to fill out an application that will be reviewed by the Downtown Revitalization Committee, who will base their decision on established design themes and colour pallets. Once approved by the Committee, the applicant will be reimbursed when copies of paid invoices are presented to the Committee.

The Town of Ingersoll and the County of Oxford initiated the Central Area Design Guidelines study in July of 2013. The study was undertaken with the purpose of establishing urban design principles and best practices, which are to be used as a guide to assist in the design and improvement of developments within the identified central area. The resulting document, the Central Area Design Guidelines, was presented to Council in August of 2014 and was adopted by Council on November 10, 2014.

Central Area Design Guidelines

Ingersoll Renewable and Alternative Energy Strategy 2009 – 2014

ERTH Corporation staff and Town of Ingersoll staff started meeting in March 2009 to begin to put together a strategy which would mutually benefit everyone. After meetings with Education, the German Chamber Industry Chamber of Commerce, MEDT and other private business and government officials, the strategy increased in nature and added partners joined the group. This included Menova Energy Inc, Conestoga College, University of Toronto, Intech Clean Energy Inc. and others. This has become very much a community driven steering committee.

The overall main goals of the Renewable and Alternative Energy strategy are:

  • To create renewable and alternative energy opportunities in Ingersoll
  • To create jobs for rural and urban areas in and surrounding Ingersoll

The Secondary Sub Goals are:

  • Attract a renewable energy manufacturer(s) to Ingersoll. This includes looking at the feasibility of solar cluster development for the Clarke Road Industrial Park or other areas in Ingersoll.
  • Explore the construction of renewable energy projects on town owned land and/or buildings
  • Explore existing companies in Ingersoll who could provide expansion and diversifications opportunities
  • Open up opportunity for ground mount and roof top solar construction for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Work with Conestoga College, the University of Toronto and others to develop curriculum around renewable energy and R&D which can be delivered at the ‘Ingersoll Skills Training Centre’ and other locations
  • To develop partnerships who will bring a variety of options, opportunities and investment. This will include meeting with local power authorities for materials, servicing and installation etc
  • To develop opportunities for local farmers who wish look at renewable and alternative energy options

Resolution Supporting Rooftop Solar Initiatives

Quick Facts

  • Ontario’s energy costs are lower than Michigan and Ohio’s rates

Other Projects, Initiatives and Links

Youth Entrepreneurship

Are you a youth in Ingersoll looking to start your own business or work as a team on an exciting enterprise? You should visit Fusion Youth Centre’s Youth Entrepreneurship Partnership Program or the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade’s Youth’s Summer Company.

Fusion Your Center Logo
Fusion Youth Centre’s Youth Entrepreneurship Partnership Program

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Young Adult – Start a Company

Small Business Services

Do you want to start an entrepreneurship or a small business within Ingersoll? Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner wanting to expand your business? If yes, please visit Oxford Small Business Support Centre or the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

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Community Futures Oxford

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