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Engineering Services

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The department is responsible for the design and administration of capital projects including construction or reconstruction of roads, bridges and culverts, sidewalks, storm sewers, survey and inspection activities for department and corporate needs, project management and engineering services relating to the promotion of safe and efficient movement of people and goods, parking lot operations and street lighting.

Engineering Services is responsible for the Town’s Asset Management and Tangible Capital Assets. It maintains an inventory of infrastructure (digital and spatial) to assist with long-term capital planning including recommending preventive maintenance programs, prioritizing capital programs and monitoring activities that relate to the acquisition, maintenance and renewal of infrastructure, and assessing condition of infrastructure to determine the most cost effective alternatives (i.e. replacement, rehabilitation, maintenance) to achieve sustainable infrastructure management.

Engineering Services is responsible for the review and approval of all proposed subdivision plans to ensure conformance to Town Standards and that proper drainage standards are met, site plans and municipal consents (approval for utility locations). Staff reviews and comments on applications for Official Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Consents, Minor Variances and By-Law changes or amendments.