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Parking Information

Online And Phone Payment Now Available

Parking tickets can now be paid online.  To pay a ticket online go to The Parking Ticket Payment System.


Please allow processing time for tickets to be entered into the parking system prior to attempting online payment.

If the ticket information is not recognized please try again at a later time/day, and once entered the ticket will be active on the online payment service.


The processing of parking tickets will be disrupted over the Holiday periods, but the 7 day early repayment period will be adjusted at input for tickets issued during this time, to ensure no penalties are added due to office closure.

Parking in Ingersoll

The Town of Ingersoll Traffic & Parking By-Law No. 18-4996, outlines regulations pertaining to parking on Town streets and in municipal parking lots. The purpose of the by-law is also to help ensure safe conditions for pedestrians and vehicular traffic, as well as provide unobstructed access for emergency vehicles.

The Town is pleased to offer 303 free parking spaces in the downtown core, including spaces in the following municipal parking lots:

  1. Charles Street, east
  2. Oxford Lane
  3. Oxford Street, north
  4. Oxford Street, south
  5. Town Centre
  6. Water Street, east
  7. Water Street, west

Parking Map of Downtown

Unless otherwise posted, vehicle parking is limited to a maximum of 3-hours for on-street parking and in municipal parking lots. Long-term parking is available in any of the (3) Free All-Day Parking lots.

The following Municipal Parking Lots offer Free All-Day parking between 6 a.m. and 3 a.m.

  1. Water Street, east & west
  2. Charles Street, east lot
  3. Charles street west lot “access off of Oxford Lane”

Click to see Map of Free all day parking locations

Designated Accessible Parking Spaces are available in all municipal parking lots and for off-street parking in the downtown core, as well as at various locations throughout the Town.

A valid Persons with a Disability Parking Permit as issued by the Ministry of Transportation is required for vehicles that park in a designated Accessible Parking Space. It is required that the permit be displayed on the dashboard or visor of the vehicle with the expiry date clearly visible.

A Persons with a Disability Parking Permit may only be used by the person to whom it was issued; or by a person who is transporting the certified person. The permit is not valid when displayed on a vehicle and the vehicle is not being used to pick up or drop off or transport the certified holder of the permit named therein.

The fine for parking in an Accessible Parking Space without a valid permit is $300.00.

A Persons with a Disability Parking Permit cannot be used by anyone other than the person it is issued to. The offender may receive a fine between $300.00 to a maximum of $5,000.00 for misuse and the permit holder may face possible cancellation of the permit.

The regulations of the Traffic & Parking By-Law are enforced by the Provincial Offences Officer for the Town of Ingersoll and the Ontario Provincial Police. Vehicles that are parked in contravention of the by-law may be issued a ticket. Parking violation fines range from $25 to $300.

Please be sure to read parking signs carefully to determine if parking is permitted, if a permit is required to park in a particular space, and/or if a specific time limit is in effect.

The following is an overview of the key Parking Regulations for the Town of Ingersoll:

  • A vehicle is not permitted to be parked on any street in such a manner to obstruct traffic.
  • No vehicle is permitted to be parked on, over or overhanging a sidewalk, crosswalk, footpath or public lane.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to park on a boulevard.
  • No person shall park in front of a public or private driveway.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to park within 3-metres of a fire hydrant.
  • No person may park a vehicle in a Designated Accessible Parking Space without a valid and visible permit from the Ministry of Transportation.
  • A vehicle is prohibited from stopping or parking in an Emergency Route when appropriate signs have been erected and are on display.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to park on any Town street or in a municipal parking lot from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. from December 1st to March 31st. This regulation does not apply to vehicles which are parked in designated lots and have a valid and visible Overnight Parking Permit.

To permit efficient and effective snow clearing operations, vehicles are not permitted to park on any Town street or in any municipal parking lot between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. during the Winter Restriction period, which is in effect from December 1st to March 31st. Signs advising of this restriction are posted at the major entrance ways to the Town of Ingersoll.

The fine for parking on the street or in a municipal parking lot during the Winter Restriction period is $20.00.

Vehicle owners that require off-street overnight parking, may purchase a monthly Parking Permit from the Town of Ingersoll at 130 Oxford Street. The cost is $35.00 per month and permit parking spots are available in the south lane of the Oxford Street, south parking lot, and in the north lane of the Charles Street,  parking lot.  These are the only spots where parking is permitted during the Winter Parking Ban on Town property.

Monthly Parking Permits can be purchased by vehicle owners requiring off-street All-Day parking (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and/or off-street Overnight Parking (3 a.m. to 6 a.m.) from the Town of Ingersoll at 130 Oxford Street, Ingersoll.

  • Parking in excess of 3-hour limit
  • Parking on any Town street or in a municipal lot during the Winter Restriction period (Dec. 1 to Mar. 31)
  • Stopping in an area probibited by sign
  • Parking or stopping in a No-Parking area
  • Parking in a designated Accessible parking space without a valid and visible permit
  • Parking or stopping in a Fire Route
  • Parking on or over-hanging a sidewalk, public lane or footpath
  • Parking on a municipal boulevard
  • Parking outside of a designated space
  • Parking within 3-metres of a fire hydrant

Ten Helpful Tips for Avoiding a Parking Ticket

Voluntary payment of a parking ticket within seven (7) days of the date the ticket was issued will
reduce the ticket to the amount listed on the ticket.

After seven (7) days the set fine listed on the ticket must be paid.

For tickets with a set fine of $25 the following condtions apply.

Early payment within 7 days will reduce the fine to $20.
After 7 days the fine will remain at $25.
After 14 days the fine with Court costs added will be $41.
After 30 days the fine with MTO costs added will be $61.

After approximately (50) days, you will be required to make payment at the Service Ontario office as
the ticket will have gone into default. In order to renew your Ontario Vehicle Permit, payment is
necessary in full, including court costs and additional fees. The local Service Ontario office is located

Service Ontario
37 King Street, west
Ingersoll, ON


Go to Online parking payment system


Payment can be made in person by cash, cheque or debit at the Administration counter at the Town
Hall located at 130 Oxford Street, Second Floor, Ingersoll, On. N5C 2V5.

Payment can be made Monday – Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please note that credit cards are not accepted.


Please allow sufficient time for your payment to be delivered. Please send payment to:

Town of Ingersoll
130 Oxford Street, 2nd Floor
Ingersoll, ON
N5C 2V5

Deposit Box:

Please include payment along with the parking ticket in an envelope and place this into the Town of Ingersoll deposit box, which is located to the left of the front doors at the Town of Ingersoll building.


Online payments can be made at The Parking Ticket Payment System.

By Phone:

Payments can be made by way of the automated phone system by calling 1-877- 678- 8465.

Parking Fines

The following is a list of the more common parking infractions issued by the Town of Ingersoll.

Exceeding Time Limit$25
Parked in Area Prohibited by Sign$25
Parked Facing Wrong Direction$25
Parked Overhanging Sidewalk$25
Parked On Boulevard$25
Parked Not Wholly in Parking Space$25
Stopped in No Stopping Zone$25
Parked within 3m of a Fire Hydrant$100
Parked within a Fire Route$100
Parked in front of a hospital$100
Parked in Designated Handicap Space$300
Parked on Street during Winter Ban$25
Parked in a Loading Zone$25

Contesting a Parking Tickets

As per the Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, the Town of Ingersoll does not have the authority to void a parking ticket that has been issued by the Provincial Offences Officer or the Ontario Provincial Police.

To contest a parking ticket, a Notice of Intention to Appear in Court must be completed and submitted to the Town of Ingersoll. Forms are available at the Town of Ingersoll at 130 Oxford Street, Ingersoll, ON.

A letter indicating the court date for the appeal will be sent from the Oxford County Court House in Woodstock, ON to the applicant listed on the form. Trials will be held at:

Woodstock Court Office
Oxford County Court House
419 Hunter Street
Woodstock, ON
N4S 4G6

For more information, please call the Clerk’s Department for the Town of Ingersoll at (519) 485-0120 or email [email protected].

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