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Boards And Committees


Committees are established by the Council at any time it is deemed necessary for consideration of matters within Council’s jurisdiction. Membership on committees may include staff and members of Council and may be extended to members of the public, as reasonable. Committee mandates and terms of reference are established by Council unless otherwise provided for under provincial statute.

Boards and Board members are often mandated by or permitted under the provincial statute and include the Police Service Board and Ingersoll Business Improvement Area Board of Management.

Ingersoll’s Boards and Committee meetings are subject to the Town’s Procedure By-Law. To learn more about each Board and Committee, including an overview and terms of reference, please follow the provided links.

Town of Ingersoll Boards

Town of Ingersoll Committees

Boards and Committees Resources

Applications from property owners and tenants of property in the Town of Ingersoll as well as applications from business owners or employees of businesses within the Town will be considered.

Please be advised that as part of its screening process, staff may conduct reference, criminal or other background checks to determine an applicant’s suitability to a Board or Committee.

Download the application form below (make sure to download the document to your desktop prior to completing, or your responses will not be saved), complete it in full and return it to the attention of the Clerk by 11:59 p.m. on April 28, 2019. Completed applications may be submitted by the following means:

  • Phone: 519-485-0120
  • In-person: 130 Oxford St. 2ndFloor OR in the 24-hour drop box located on the left-hand side of the main entrance on the ground floor.

Boards and Committees Application Form Download

Boards and Committees Agendas and Minutes

Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes
16/09/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
23/07/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
25/06/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
28/05/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
30/04/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
26/03/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
05/03/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
30/01/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
29/10/2019Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
25/11/2019Ingersoll Police ServiceAgendaMinutes
27/01/2020Police Service board meetingAgendaMinutes
24/02/2020Ingersoll Police serviceAgendaMinutes
25/05/2020Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
22/06/2020Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgendaMinutes
07/05/2020Ingersoll Police Service board meetingAgendaMinutes
27/07/2020Ingersoll Police Service BoardAgenda
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes
11/08/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgenda
14/07/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgenda
23/06/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
26/05/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
12/05/2020Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
28/04/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
10/03/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
11/02/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
14/01/2020Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
05/11/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
10/09/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgenda
13/08/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
09/07/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
14/05/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
09/04/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
12/03/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
21/02/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
08/01/2019Ingersoll Business Improvement AreaAgendaMinutes
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes
15/04/2019Boundary Discussion CommitteeAgenda
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes
20/03/2019Recreational Trails Committee - March 2019Agenda
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes
14/03/2019Ingersoll Safe Cycling CommitteeMinutes
14/02/2019Ingersoll Safe Cycling CommitteeMinutes
10/01/2019Ingersoll Safe Cycling CommitteeMinutes
10/10/2019Meeting Cancelled - No minutesAgenda
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes
23/01/2019Subcommittee for ERTH Board Director InterviewsAgenda
22/01/2019Subcommittee for ERTH Board Director InterviewsAgenda

Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes

Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutes

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